Last week I was a little slow on my emails.

I had a week where I was just so busy doing other things and to be honest I didn’t get round to it.

When I send out my emails I want to ensure I have something positive, meaningful and helpful to say…

Otherwise what’s the point?

I don’t agree in just emailing for emailing sake.

So today I wanted to talk about kicking back, relaxing and having some down time.

As women, we are always expected to be on the go.

Up early.



Keeping fit.

Keeping a nice house.

Preparing food.

Looking after others.

And I agree these things are important.

But sometimes it can feel we are spinning a million plates trying to keep everything going.

Have you ever had that feeling?

I certainly have felt the pressure in the last few weeks.

January is always a busy time for us.

Whilst everybody is relaxing over christmas, that’s the time where I am in my office from morning to night most days.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind it all.

However, We all need to relax.

Kick back and have some down time.

January has been a very busy time for us but it has also been a time where I have made a conscious effort to do things for me.

I went on a little spa break the other week,

Last weekend was Alton towers Fit Jam with the Bootcampers.

This weekend I was in Sheffield for a night out with my uni friends.

And I completely kicked back, relaxed, had fun and danced all night.

And I loved it.

Time away with friends,

Just kicking back living life.

Being Ellen.

Not worrying about little things.

Its easy to get caught up and think you haven’t got the time.

There’s always other things that need doing.

So many of us can forget that its also about enjoying life and enjoying the journey.

The point I want to make is this,

Down time is productive time.

Creating space where you switch your mind off is so important.

When we’re busy, we often ADD MORE to our lives without realising.

When in fact, we need to create more space.

Having regular down time will probably be one of the most productive things you do.

Do something you enjoy with those people you love spending your time with.

Kick back, have fun and re-charge the batteries.

Have a wonderful week.

Ellen xx

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