I joined Heatone Fitness as a member in May 2015. With my wedding approaching summer 2016, I was fed up of feeling bloated and sluggish. I was always active when I was younger but very quickly slipped out of good habits and routines and fell even quicker into no exercise and poor nutrition habits.

During my time at Heatone I have lost over 2 stone, a lot more inches and dropped 3 dress sizes; but more importantly feeling the best and most confident I’ve ever felt in my own skin.

Heatone helped me get my fitness mojo back and gave me the confidence to grow and now be able to help other women who are in a position similar to where I was.

I joined the Heatone Team a little before October 2015 assisting at some of our evening sessions with my role soon growing into running my own camp, now two! I absolutely love helping other ladies set and achieve their goals and working on becoming the best version of them!

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