Many of our members come to us feeling frustrated and fed up with fad diets. You might have been attending a diet club for years, yet you aren't getting anywhere, or you're stuck in a cycle of losing and gaining.

Let us reassure you that you come to Heatone knowing you have done your very best to this point, with the knowledge you have. We take you under our professional wing and help to give you the information on what to eat and why - so you can make more confident and informed choices about food.

There's no calorie counting here. No keeping track of points. No mention of macros.

You'll no longer feel like a slave to your cravings and learn to enjoy foods that fuel your fat loss, mental performance and mood. You'll help balance your hormones too, which is great if you suffer from PMS, you're trying to conceive or you're hitting the menopause.



We have a huge library of online nutrition seminars, recipes and inspiration in our member area plus our Facebook groups help give you motivation to try new dishes.