It’s arrived….the week of the Big Man dropping down our chimneys! Are you all set?

At this time of year, I always take time to reflect on the year and think about the New Year coming.

So…I would like to share my reflection of 2015 with you and what I’ve learned:

1. You can achieve anything you put your mind to
At the start if this year, I created a hit programme known as Glow Fit which has become well recognised and is on it’s way to becoming endorsed as an Instructor Training course. How did I do it? I used my skill set and put it into something I love. I’ve also continued to power my energy into helping people to transform their mind, body and lifestyle through our Bootcamp programme- growing the team, helping more people. Following the heart always leads you to the right path and believing in yourself will help you to get there.


2. People, love and connection are what make the world go round
I was lucky enough to marry the man I love in July this year. I was surrounded by people I love and care for. It was the best day of my life and I hold so many amazing memories from it.  Always surround yourself with those who you love not because you need them but because they enhance your life.

3. It’s ok to invest in YOU
You may or may not know this (lol) but I spent 3 weeks in  Thailand, 10 days of which were spent on a Guru course which involved getting to know me, who I am, what my values are, what my gift is. It wasn’t cheap, easy or quick but I’m a true believer that in order to value you something there needs to be a decent investment of time, money, energy and emotion. I would always question if it was ok to spend that on myself but it was very much a life changing experience. I’m so excited to bring what I’ve learned to others.

4. Experiences are far more valuable than possessions
On of my big goals is to see the world. This year I’ve been to Morocco, LA, New York, Hawaii, San Fransico and Thailand. It made me realise I want more of THIS. Big houses and flash cars are nice but I would rather be able to see cool places. I’m even tailoring some of my work around it next year…Thailand retreat 😉

5. The way you view the world affects how you see and experience it

I didn’t used to say this about myself but I guess I’ve always been quite positive. I AWAYS see the best in everybody and believe everybody has potential. Having this view enables me to create connections with people. Having a positive outlook helps me to achieve the things I want to achieve. However, I have had phases where I’ve experienced negative thoughts and I’ve learned that it impacts my view on everything. If I turn this around to see the positive, everything changes. It’s something I have to work on every single day.

6. Look after yourself and you will sparkle
I always tell people to look after themselves and I try to practice this myself- eat well, exercise, sleep, make time for things I love. I know I feel great when I do it but at times, I don’t. I’m human. I let my nutrition go, put other things first. It impacts everything when you don’t look after yourself- health, mood, energy levels, skin, social life, confidence.

7. It’s ok to have dreams and dream BIG
It’s almost like we shouldn’t want the best for ourselves, like it’s arrogant. Why shouldn’t we want happiness? It’s a limiting belief that we don’t deserve it. There’s only YOU in charge of creating your dream life. YOU are the only one stopping it from happening. That’s quite a scary thought and I must admit it freaks me out a little but it make sense. I like to refer to it as building your sandcastle. It’s YOUR sandcastle.  Just because it’s a dream, it doesn’t mean we have to make it our reality straight away. We just need to be constantly making steps towards it in everything we do.

8. Not everybody will want you to have your dream 
Not everybody will be happy that you are able to have a dream. Not everybody likes seeing you be happy, successful, healthy or whatever it is. I’ve learned that that is a reflection on them NOT on you. If what you do is right for you and sits well with your values and comes from a  place of goodness, nobody can question it. If you are a person who wants to be liked, it can be quite hard but remember it’s YOUR life. It’s YOUR sandcastle. They have their own sandcastle to build.

9. Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you to grow as a person 

As an entrepreneur, I always put such pressure on myself to keep growing as a person and a business. Sometimes it means stepping out of my comfort zone. Going on a path where not many others nearby have been. This can be scary but if you don’t try it, you never know. I’m finding  this recently whereby I’m moving in to not just being  a fitness and nutritional expert but a coach. I worry will I be good enough, what will people think, shall I stick to what I know? Everything you do is new at some point but it soon becomes the norm. I remember back to teaching my first ever fitness class. Was I nervous? Yes!! If I hadn’t pushed myself out of that comfort zone, I wouldn’t have helped so many women to change their lives.

10. Having fun is so important

I’m quite a thinker. Sometimes, overthinking isn ‘t too healthy. However, laughter and fun can change everything. I’m one of those people who laughs at naff jokes. I love to laugh and smile. I’ve never laughed a much as I did on my Day 10 Guru retreat in Thailand. I laugh every day at my funny husband. What’s the point in taking life so seriously? Even when you feel like things are bleak, laughter can help!

11. Never stop being true to who you are

We are constantly growing and changing. I’m different  to who I was 10 years ago. In fact, I’m different  to who I was when I started Heatone Fitness. Fitness and exercise was always my focus but now I am also passionate about the power of the mind in helping people to achieve their goals alongside fitness and exercise.  I’m still the same person. I still want to help people. In recent months, I’ve experienced some people who have misunderstood this or haven’t related to it. However, the people who relate to the place where it comes from really relate to it. They are the ones who take my focus. It’s all a journey and every day, I get more comfortable and confident with who I am. Don’t allow others to drag you away from being YOU. ​

​How has 2015 been for you?

What have the positives been?

I would love to hear your reflection.

Lots of love,

Ellen xxx

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