How are you today? Hope you’ve had a great weekend.

I had a lovely chilled weekend catching up with my group of best friends in Derbyshire.

Today I feel totally inspired as I started the day moving….teaching the lovely 9.30 am camp at the barn.

It’s all about balance.
So, Today I want to mention the dreaded burn out, which usually arrives when things are out of balance.
I’m sure you’ve been there.
You’re doing so well and all of a sudden everything gets too much and you’ve got no energy, you lose your get up and go, you start to question yourself and you just feel you’ve got nothing in you. Then the guilt kicks in as you’re no use to anybody else then.
Let me tell you, when I first set up Heatone, I was the queen of burnout. I was so busy going 100 miles per hour sometimes teaching up to 7 classes a day and trying to do and be everything, that I would end up run down and unwell on a regular basis. Even though I was loving it, my body still sometimes had to send me a reminder to slow down.
I’m getting much better but it’s always a learning curve when you’re the type of person who likes to be on the go all the time.
I’m still learning but I see the pattern causing burnout in ladies all the time.
So today I thought I would summarise this into 5 reasons why you hit burnout so hopefully it can help you to be mindful of it in the future and you can hit pause before the burnout stage.

It’s amazing that some of our ladies are so super focused and committed to getting their exercise sessions in. However, rest is just as important as your classes. If you’re doing High Intensity Interval Training, your body will especially need the rest. Doing 2 or 3 of these sessions per day is too much. I designed Heatone to be 3-4 Bootcamp sessions per week because that is all that is needed with the style of workouts we do. As it’s grown, more sessions have been added for flexibility but don’t feel like you have to attend more than the recommended. As the workouts have got more varied we do a lot more conditioning style workouts as well. However, a balanced programme is key so it’s important to listen to your body and remember that sometimes ‘less is more’ especially when it comes to HIIT training. This is alls aid with love as I know some of you love a daily workout. This isn’t bad at all, just listen to your body and don’t see rest as failing or a bad thing.

2. Under-Eating or Under- Nourisihing your body
Lots of ladies have been conditioned to think that eating less = weight loss. This is totally not the case, especially when you’re exercising. Your body needs that fuel to burn fat. It’s about making good choices to nourish your body. Having no carbs when you’re training isn’t a good idea….they’re not the devil! The carbs are going to speed up the results as your body becomes a fat burning machine.

3. Not Prioritising Sleep
It sounds so simple but sleep makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. When we sleep, we heal, restore and repair. Without sleep, your body can’t repair so it becomes tired, drained and worn out. You’ll lack energy and motivation in your workouts and your day to day life. It will also increase the chances of you reaching for caffeine, sugar and processed foods. Plus you’re likely to feel less mentally balanced.

4. Too much Stress
Stress is a tough one. It’s not something we want but sometimes we feel like it’s out of our control especially if it’s a situation which we don’t have control over which is leading to the stress. However, we have to focus on what we do have control over which is how we respond to it. We have control over making time for restoration and self care. When you’re stressed, you’ll find that you’re in ‘ON’ mode all the time and never switch off. This means we’re living in our sympathetic nervous system all the time. We need to find tools which help us feel ‘OFF’ and be more in our parasympathetic nervous system. Breathing is a huge one. This may be just taking 5 minutes to stop and breathe. It may be having a bath, an early night, time for a chat with a friend, sitting cuddling your dog or doing some yoga. Something which just slows everything down.

5. Low Self Worth
We could all do with taking more time for ourselves. One of the biggest thing I see with ladies is not valuing themselves enough to say no, set boundaries and take me time. Unless you place value on yourself, nobody else will. We all need way more me time than we are taking.
If you’ve been guilty of running patterns like these above for the last 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years, it’s hard to rewire your brain to change. However, once you’re aware of the patterns that you’re doing which don’t serve you well for the happiest and healthiest you, it’s only then that you can make small changes to overcome this.

We’re all guilty of forgetting to look after ourselves at times and sometimes it is hard when life takes over. Just remember how important you are though and as I always say, it’s not selfish to fit your own oxygen mask first. In order to be and feel the best for everyone else, you need to feel the best for you.

Have a great week.


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