Hi Ladies,

Yes, you read that correctly. I did eat a pack of 24 Kit Kats in one sitting. They were only the 2 finger ones though. Lol!

This wasn’t my finest moment but it did go down in history with my friends at Uni. I’ll tell you the story….

I was in my first year at Lancaster University, aged 18, and was living in halls. My mum had been for a visit and left me with food supplies; one of the items being the 24 pack of Kit Kats.

Now if you don’t already know this, chocolate has always been my biggest vice, my kryptonite. I would never usually buy chocolate in bulk. If i wanted it, I would always go to the shop and buy one bar because I just can’t leave it alone when I know it’s there.

Well, this day was no different. I had one Kit Kat .

‘Ahh they’re only small and 107 calories. I’ll have another and that will be like having one normal chocolate bar, like a Dairy milk.’ I told myself.

Well 2 led to 3, 3 led to 4. Before I knew it, the whole packet had gone,

Seriously, I’m not joking!!

This was across the whole evening with doing bits of studying in between (I always comfort ate when I was studying).

The next thing I was knocking on my friend’s door opposite me crying saying that I had ate a full pack of Kit Kats. She couldn’t believe it and found it hilarious!! She never let me forget that.

I never forgot it either.

It made me realise that I had a problem with chocolate. It taught me a lesson that when it comes to chocolate, I have no self control.

This was a good thing though because it just reinforced that if I want it, I have to go to the shop and buy one bar as opposed to ever having it in the house.

Let me tell you, 13 years later, I’m still the same. I never buy chocolate in, not even for Max. I just know it would be dangerous.

I know it sounds extreme but it’s all part of getting to know yourself, knowing what your vices are working around these in a way that suits you.

Everybody has some sort of vice when it comes to their diet. Some ladies tell me theirs is wine, others say it’s chocolate, crisp, cakes…whatever it is.

Don’t forget your only human, it’s pretty normal to have something that once you pop, you can’t stop.

If you know this one thing is ruining all of the hard work that you’re putting in, something has to change.

My advice would be to not surround yourself by it. Don’t have it in the house or your work place where you can easily access it.

I know this isn’t always possible.

People say that offices are the worst place because you can’t tell others not to bring that box of biscuits in. However, you can make yourself accountable to those around you and tell them that you don’t want to eat them and to keep them out of your reach.

Others say that they need to get certain things in for the kids. Do you though? Could you not get them something different that you don’t really like as much?

In my opinion, it’s better to not surround yourself with your kryptonite. It’s about finding a way to work around it.

Some people do master to have it in small portions and feel satisfied. I hold my hands up to these people, that’s amazing.

My way is just having chocolate as a treat from the shop now and again. Thankfully since being pregnant with Max, something in my hormones must have changed and I’m not quite as addicted but I still wouldn’t turn it down if it was there. Lol!

I like to challenge myself every year to give up all sweet things for lent. It works a treat and usually by the end of it, I don’t want to eat the sweet stuff again. As soon as I do, it’s back into the vicious cycle of sweet cravings.

I know others who choose to eliminate it completely. For example, Biz’s biggest vice was crisps. She could eat up to 3 packets a day when she first joined Heatone. She decided to give them up for lent one year. Then she carried it on for a year. Then she just continued and it’s now been 3 years. She knows that if she starts again, she might not be able to stop.

Elimination isn’t for everybody though but just being mindful and aware of what your vices are and coming up with a plan around this can really help.

If you can find a way where you can have things in balance and moderation, it would be great. However, we’re living in the real world, real life kicks in and things like lack of time, emotional eating, stress and hormones all play a part in bingeing.

Just remember though, you’re only human and if you do have a binge, let go of the guilt. It doesn’t get you anywhere. Move on and look at your next meal or snack as a new start. You don’t need to wait until a Monday.

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Posted by Heatone Fitness on Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hope you’ve had a fab weekend. If it’s been a weekend of indulgence, hope you enjoyed it. It’s a new day today, a fresh start full of new opportunities.

Have a fab week.



P.S. The 24 Kit Kat incident is just between me and you, right? Hehe!!

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