Hi Ladies,

How was your weekend? Hope its was a good one!

After my first Mindset Monday email in a while last week, I was inundated with such lovely replies with members who could totally relate to the striving all the time and never feeling enough.

We’ve got some very driven ladies in Heatone who are so hard one themselves.

In fact, sending last week’s email has spurred me on to keep getting this message out there that we don’t need to be so hard on ourselves. We need to learn to show ourselves more self-love.

In one of the replies I received, a lovely Heatone member talked about how she had always judged herself as a failure through looking in the mirror and seeing bingo wings, flabby tummy, a person who wants to be liked and not judged.

Yet she’s an amazing lady, super successful, has a lovely family and just all round great person.
This upsets me that she feels like that about herself.

The thing is though, it’s so common.

So many women determine their self worth on how they look, what dress size they can get into, what a number on the scales says or how toned they are.

If they don’t fit into the category that they feel is acceptable for them, they feel like they don’t deserve to love or even like themselves.

I’m sure you can relate to that especially if your body has changed over time i.e. after kids or as you’ve got older or life has thrown something at you.

The thing is, you are worthy to love you no mater what your size, shape, number.

I’m not saying don’t strive for the body you want.

What I am saying is that if you’re not there yet or you’re not the ‘perfect’ size or ‘back to what you used to be’ it doesn’t make you any less worthy of being happy in you.

This is a tough one to grasp because we’re so conditioned, especially by the media, that a certain size is acceptable.

However, all bodies are beautiful and the fact that they support you through Heatone classes is even more bloody incredible!!!

This time round in pregnancy I am embracing the body changes so much more. I’ve gained nearly 2 stone already due to living off starchy carbs and eating so often! This would usually have me in a panic but I’ve just changed my whole mindset this time.

I’ve proved to myself that when I want to focus on getting into shape I will the but as Jamie keeps reminding me, my body is going through so much change growing a baby that weight is the last thing I need to think about.

In fact, I’m proud of all these extra curves even though sometimes I feel like I’m carrying extra blubber everywhere on my body.

So to round this email off I want to ask you something….

Does your health and fitness journey come from a place of self loathing and lack or from self-love and kindness to you and your body?

Let me explain that a little…

Do you come to class because you ‘need to get rid of weight’ or because you want to be fit, healthy and it makes you feel good?

Do you eat well because otherwise you’ll pile the pounds on or need to lose them or do you do it nourish your body?

They’re both exactly the same but different ways of looking at it. One is coming from a place of lack and one comes from a place of love for you and your body.

The more things come from a place of love, the more of that you will get. I’m a big believer in the law of attraction.

The way you think about yourself and that self-talk you have in your own mind is so important and can be the difference between succeeding and achieving your goals and not succeeding.

I personally find that when I’m teaching classes or exercising I feel much more positive. All those lovely endorphins keep you more positive with all aspects of life.

Become aware of how you’re talking to your self and the thoughts you’re having about you and your body.

An example I like to use is ‘If you wouldn’t talk to your friend like that, don’t talk to yourself like that.’ You would never be so hard on a friend the way you are to yourself.

That’s all for today guys but again, if anything inn particular resonates, hit me up with a reply.

Have a great week!



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