I joined the SFX Heatone camp on its opening day back on 5/9/2016, wow I can't believe that its over 3 years ago.
I met Debi in the car park and we took our first steps into the unknown, haha.
Everyone seemed a little nervous and apprehensive, but after the first week, and talking to all the lovely ladies, I realised that everyone had their reasons for joining, and all those reasons were different and personal to each of the ladies.
I joined as I lost both parents within 15 months and I was finding myself in a dark place. I have never been officially diagnosed with depression but, looking back at that time I think I can say I was at the lowest I had ever been.
I always regarded myself as fit and active, netball, running, going to the gym, but the sessions at Heatone opened up a new form of fitness that I really enjoyed, fitness of the body and mind.
After the 8 weeks, it was a no brainer, I signed up like a shot. My husband said he had his wife back.
When I was asked to assist Debi during Becky's maternity leave, I felt honoured that I was trusted to help the ladies at SFX. To give back and encourage other ladies is something I really enjoy doing. I've been there and there were lovely ladies who helped me on my journey.
The last 3 years has seen my outlook on life completely changed. I am fitter and healthier. I eat so much better and I have met some lovely inspirational ladies, who I know will be friends for life.

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