I started my journey with Heatone by joining Ellen's Zumba classes and was soon hooked when Peter (my little boy) was about 9 months old.

I then joined the first Bootcamp which was in the summer and it totally changed the way I was eating and I dropped just under a stone in the first 4 weeks! I was hooked...loved the Metafit and even doing doubles of Metafit and Zumba/ Bokwa. 

Since joining Heatone a lot has changed in my life. ..family, work and mindset. But most of all I have had the best support network I could have asked for.

I passed my instructor training in December 2016, and now I am stronger, fitter and healthier in both body and mind and on the next step in my journey which I am looking forward to sharing with you all as much as I am looking forward to helping you all at classes!

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