It can be especially tough to eat well at this time of year, especially with the amount of chocolate floating around the office and those Terry’s Chocolate Oranges in the supermarkets for £1. Lethal!!

It’s the time of year when the pressure is on to get into a nice dress.

Or maybe you struggle the full year round? Find it a constant battle, starting off with good intentions then you eat one ‘wrong’ thing and it just spirals into a full day, week, month of eating anything and everything. This then  leads to feelings of ‘out of controlness’ and guilt.

Let me tell you, you are definitely not abnormal with your relationship with food. You have the knowledge of how to eat well but that isn’t always enough to keep us on track. I can completely relate to you with this.
As humans, we are taught to eat as a form of comfort, celebration and social events which in turn means we are conditioned to eat when we’re happy, sad, upset, stressed and we do this without even thinking about it sometimes.

This can sometime lead to us struggling with our food and feeling out of control, gaining weight, not feeling sure of how to stop it.

There a few different approaches that may help with this. They all have to be continually practised day in, day out for them to become a new pattern of behaviour/thought process:

1. Think of food as fuel, not as a reward or something to be savoured– I personally am not a fan of this approach as  I believe food is something we should enjoy and be thankful for. It works for some people though.

2. Write down your reasons for NOT wanting to eat rubbish. Look at them each day and read them out. I know it sounds a bit crazy but it will bring it to your conscious mind and make you more aware. Try not to just think of aesthetics. Think about your health, your moods,  skin, energy levels.

3. Before buying/eating chocolate or anything else which is going to make you spiral, take a few deep breaths and think about it. Not only that, time yourself 15 minutes and think about why you’re about to eat it. Is it because you really want it? Is it because you’re happy, sad, stressed or are you genuinely hungry? It would be really useful if you could keep a diary of this. Every time you do eat something that you know you don’t really need or you are really tempted, write down the following:

What am I doing?
How do I feel?
Why am I eating this?
When did I last eat?
What time is it?

This may give you a little pattern of when you do it and why.

Just a few ideas.

Remember though, it doesn’t define who you are.

Don’t let it define you.

Having a good diet and looking after yourself comes down to valuing yourself. Try to value yourself enough to care of being the best version of you.

When you feel good on the inside, this will naturally transpire to the outside.

Have a great week.

Ellen xxx

P.S. If you are interested in a 15 minute consultation slot with me to discuss where you’re currently at and where you would like to be, drop me a message and we will arrange it 🙂

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