I was a member of Heatone Fitness before becoming an instructor. I've always been into fitness one way or another since being young. At the time of joining Heatone, I'd been going to the gym and found it boring. I needed a challenge. So Heatone bootcamp it was.

I'd never been to a bootcamp before. The thought of an army sergeant shouting at me went through my mind!! BUT, it was far from that.

I excercised alongside likeminded women of all shapes and sizes, all with their own goals and wanting to be fit and healthy. We supported each other and laughed together throughout our sessions. I was at my fittest within weeks thanks to Ellen and Nicky.

I was delighted when Ellen asked me to become an instructor in July 2015, it had never crossed my mind to be one.
So my journey began at Heatone Fitness and my life has moved forward...

I am so passionate about the early morning classes aka WAG. I love helping the ladies to accomplish their goals and striving to be a better version of themselves. It is a very rewarding job watching them celebrate their achievements.

Being a Heatone Instructor has opened other doors for me, with the support of Ellen. It has helped me to push myself not only in staying fit and healthy, but other areas of my life. I now have a little holistic business and I continue to set myself challenges.

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