My journey may sound familiar to you. From being a teenager onwards I was conscious of my weight and began the diet cycle...Slimming World, Weight Watchers, limiting calories, to later on trying the juices and shakes. Yes they all worked when I could stick to them but it was a slog and I was never able to do any of them long-term as part of my lifestyle. I became a yo-yo dieter.

I loved exercise, especially dancing but I always felt my body shape and size held me back, especially with my confidence. I would slog my guts out in the gym and think I had a relatively healthy diet with cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and then an evening meal of chicken, veg and potatoes. Then I wouldn't see any results. I was so frustrated! It only got worse when I went to Uni to study Psychology. All of the boozy nights out, takeaways and processed food soon caught up with me.

After I graduated I wanted to do something which I loved for a while. I trained to become a Zumba in structor. This led on to me doing my Exercise to Music training. This was fantastic because I got to be active as part of my job doing something I loved. However, I still kept the same diet I always had so although I was super fit, my body shape didn't really change much.

It was only when I decided to go and study Dance at Uni at aged 25 that I realised if I wanted to have the energy to teach all of my dance fitness classes and dance all day in Un i that I would need to fuel my body properly. It became about health as opposed to my body looking a certain way. I invested in a Personal Trainer and I got really focused on changing my diet. It was at this point that I discovered clean eating. Within a month, I noticed that my energy levels were through the roof and my body was changing into a body I didn't recognise but I loved.

Changing my diet and approach to exercise didn't just change my body, it changed my life. No longer would I stress about calories, points and syns, I felt I had finally found something that was a lifestyle for me. I didn't need to overthink it. It just clicked and felt easy. Without sounding cheesy, it was like I had found 'the thing' I had been searching for all my life. I felt so inspired that I decided I wanted to help other women to discover that it doesn't have to be hard to get that body and confidence that they deserve.

It was in the Summer break from uni that I decided to create a group for women which meant that they committed to a set exercise and Nutrition Programme with lots of support and accountability. I decided I wanted to create something that ladies like myself would enjoy. No gym bunnies looking in the mirror, no crazy beastings off a scary instructor, no silly diet, just the right support, structure and guidance.Heatone Fitness was born!!

I had 15 ladies join me on the first one. They got stuck in; working out on the field, coming for their weigh in and measurements, being coached step by step. At the end of the first month, the ladies got fantastic results and wanted to carry on. The support and sense of community amongst these ladies was just incredible and I was completely in my element. I had totally found my passion.

The following month, the word got round and we had 40 ladies on the programme. Every month it grew to the point where I decided to leave my Dance course and make a real go of Heatone. 9 months later, I employed my first instructor Nicky. Nicky was one of our first ever Bootcamp members who had achieved huge success on the programme. She trained as a Personal Trainer and joined me so we could accommodate more ladies.

Since then, we've grown to a team of 6 instructors, 3 assistant instructors and an administrator. We have now helped over 2000 ladies to become happier, healthier versions of themselves and continue to invite ladies into our unique community. The thing thats its us apart from other fitness camps is that all of our trainers have been trough the programme, we all have a genuine passion and love for helping people and the ladies in our community are truly special. We get you results the enjoyable way. sone ladies have been with us for 5 years now and still love being part of Heatone.

As Heatone has grown, I have also grown as a person. Working wth so many ladies over the years, I see how important it is to work on mindset as well as exercise and nutrition. A huge part of my work in Heatone is reminding and educating ladies to be kind to themselves, to work on a positive mindset and learn to love who they are. I regularly host seminars and events around inspiring and empowering women. I've recently qualified as a Life Coaching Practitioner and plan to develop this aspect of Heatone further.

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