I joined Heatone at the very first class held at SFX School in September 2016. I’d hit 50 that January and just hated every single photo of me my husband took - he is a good photographer and he took loads of me in different outfits - I hated them all. I was the biggest I’d ever been, had developed some painful joints and was still suffering after an early menopause.

I told nobody I was joining the 8 Week Body Transformation Programme which I’d seen online lots of times. I left it until the night before and my husband said “I’ll give you a week”…charming!!! After 30+ years of absolutely no exercise, I was scared stiff! The contact call was brilliant - Ellen put me at ease and the first session was fantastic. Everyone was supportive, each with their own goals, no judgement, just a great bunch of ladies all trying to do the best they could. I was addicted!!!! My body did indeed transform and I lost around one and a half stones and nearly 70 inches from my body. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made, bringing not only a change in my body shape but a change inside of me too - exercising has given me a mental “fitness’ that I didn’t realise was missing before.

In February 2019 I completed a Bootcamp Instructor weekend course and Ellen asked me if I would consider taking my Level 2 Gym Instructor course, which would allow me to lead classes. I did this in May 2019 and have begun to lead my own classes. It’s an absolute honour and pleasure to be able to help other ladies in similar situations realise their fitness, nutrition and mindset goals.

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