Want to know a little secret? We need Heatone classes and our members as much as you need us!

When we started Heatone Fitness, we created it for ourselves. There was nothing else out there like it. Just classes in local gyms where you turned up, nodded at a couple of familiar faces, moved and left.

We wanted a place where people knew one another's names and cared. We wanted the classes to be amazing, but act as the cherry on top of something special! No gym bunnies looking in the mirror, no crazy beastings off a scary instructor, no silly diet, just the right support, structure and guidance with a caring community culture.

We are women and we have experienced the same challenges as you. We know EXACTLY how you feel right now as you're reading this as you try to make a decision whether this is the right kind of support for you.



We Get It

  • We are the mums overcoming the guilt, but know we need to take time our for ourselves.
  • We are the career girls trying to get that work/life balance right.
  • We are the ones caring for everyone else first. Juggling the never ending demands of the to-do list and trying to squeeze it all in.
  • We are the women who have had wobbles and dabbled in depression. We know that sometimes we might not feel like exercising and eating well, but it's about respecting our mental well-being along with our body shape.
  • We are the ones who see those wrinkles appear, and those grey hairs poke through and know that the time is NOW. Not tomorrow, not Monday.
  • We are the ones with the smiles on our faces, loving our lives and ready to welcome you into our community of inspirational ladies.

Welcome to Heatone Fitness.