I joined Heatone Fitness as member in June 2015. I’d always been sporty and thought I was fit until I rocked up at camp and learnt a new word and exercise....burpees (which I love with a tuck jump )

18 months previously I’d been literally floored with a back injury for nearly four months after doing Tough Mudder....I was told no more impact sports, no more Tough Mudders, so headed back to work two stone heavier and unhappy. On my 40th birthday, I was miserable, I felt fat and frumpy and uncomfortable in my clothes and knew I needed to take action. For me, Glow Fit came first, then I hit taster week at the the Rainhill camp and I was ADDICTED to say the least. Thanks to the support from the coaches with my nutrition, I lost 3 stone and 3 dress sizes. Oh and I’ve since completed Tough Mudder twice, this was my ultimate goal when I joined.

I was lucky enough to get my fitness instructor qualification in November 2016 and was given the opportunity by Ellen to cover some session assisting at the camps. I’m now Assistant Instructor at our 6pm Whiston camp and I love it, this is the best hobby EVER. It’s such a privilege to be helping others towards their own goals, giving support and encouragement in class and watching them leave at the end of the session smiling and feeling on top of the world.

I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d sooner spend my evenings.

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