I first joined Heatone as a member in June 2015. I was so unfit and with zero confidence or self-esteem. If I'm honest, my life was pretty crap. I had this black cloud over me that just wouldn't go away. I was so negative and unhappy with myself, my life and my frame of mind.

Since joining Heatone my life has changed. It wasn't only the weight loss, in which I lost 3.5 stone and so many inches but the most important thing for me was the change in my confidence and self-esteem. I'm like a new person and I love it!!!!
I started working for Ellen in 2016 assisting in a few classes. I was still shy and not as confident as I wanted to be BUT it was growing. I got given a chance a chance to spread my wings and to do something now I know I was born to do. I left my job and went full time with Heatone Fitness and coach ladies at my own camp!!! It's just amazing and it's given me a new lease of life.

I could never thank everyone at Heatone enough especially Ellen for building such a beautiful community in Heatone. If it wasn't for Heatone, I don't know where id be. I love my job and I love me.

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