Our initial 8 week transformation programme
is a great taster and introduction into Heatone Fitness and what we do.

Before You Start




Before You Start

So you've decided we might be for you and you're ready to speak to a human.
Click the button below to arrange a call.

We'll spend 15 mins chatting about you and make sure Heatone is right for you. We can assess where you are right now and the challenges you're facing.

We like to delve deep and work out the blocks and barriers that have stopped you feeling great and develop a plan to overcome them.

You can ask us any questions in the call and we can arrange your first Heatone Fitness session.


First Week

So you're all signed up! What's next?

Depending on when we get to chat, you usually start on the Monday of the following week. In advance you're sent a digital copy of the nutrition plan, access to the VIP members area, access to Facebook group and we will pre-book your weight and measurement slot.

Ahead of your first session, we will buddy you up with one of our long-term members who will make contact. On your first session, you will at least anticipate a friendly face who you semi-know.

Your First Class

We advise you to come 10 minutes before and arrange to meet your buddy and meet with the coach. Wear comfortable clothing and trainers and bring a bottle of water. If you have a yoga mat, bring it along. Don't worry if not, we have spares!

Don't worry about your first class. Every lady there has been in your shoes and understands. This is a judgement free zone so work at your own pace. There are always high and low impact options.


At your first session you will receive a hard copy of your 8 week plan bible. This includes your nutrition plan, food diary, shopping lists and recipes. You will have received these electronically in advance and hopefully had time to read over them.

Try and watch some of the nutrition seminars available in the VIP members section of this website.

Then, on the day of your first class with us, start your food diary too. You will hand this in the following week and we will feed back with our comments within 48 hours.

Weights & Measurements

After your first class, you will be weighed and measured by your instructor. Don't worry! This is kept confidential. Nobody else apart from you and the Heatone team need know any stats.

We encourage you to take progress pictures in fitted sports clothing or underwear. If you are comfortable sending these to your coach, we keep an eye on your progress and report back in your weekly feedback.

After Your First Session

Well done! You did one day! That's a massive achievement because a lot of things have had to line up for you to get to this place.

Now what?

You have access to our group personal training AND Glow Fit classes each week. We advise you to set aside some time in your diary and plan in the minimum requirement of 3 sessions a week.

Sessions are held at multiple locations and different times of day to suit all working patterns. View our timetable here.

Your coach will be in touch and you will get emails from the team.


Weeks 3-4

In week 3 your coach will arrange a 1-2-1 call or meeting to talk about your progress and journey. We can help you with additional support and have a general chat about your food and fitness, along with any mindset work we might recommend.

At the end of week 4 we check in again with your weight and measurements. Please take progress photos too so you can compare.


Weeks 7-8

In week 7 your coach will arrange a 1-2-1 call or meeting to talk about your progress and journey. We will chat again about food and fitness progress and any challenges that have come up. We will also discuss your ongoing plan after week 8 is over.

At the end of week 8 we complete the final weight, measurements and check progress pictures.

You get to feel proud at all you have achieved, assess how you feel in comparison to when you started and you're given the option to continue with us on our rolling membership contract.

This is not compulsory, but we are happy to report that we have many ladies who continue to be supported by us. Some have been with us for over 5 years!

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